Coal dust injection system
From the coal pulverising building, the supply pipes go via the distributor tower to the blast furnaces.

Pulverised coal injection system for steel works

Optimisation of the energy supply in the steel industry

The huge increase in raw material prices since the early 2000s and their instability is increasingly forcing companies, especially steelmakers, into some rethinking in the area of energy supply. Since then, many steel works have replaced coke and heavy oil with the less expensive coal dust.

In a large Austrian steelmaking company, Kremsmueller took care of the construction and piping of the coal dust injection system from the coal pulveriser to the blast furnaces. Kremsmueller also took on the task of installation and piping of the plant parts in the distribution towers.

The media piping has a total length of 6,000 metres with nominal widths between DN 25-500. The total weight of the equipment to be installed was 72 tonnes. The team at Kremsmueller’s base in Linz was responsible for the fabrication of 6 tonnes of steel construction.

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