Piping of the dairy by Kremsmueller
Piping of the highest class. The collector corridor with the supply pipes for different media.

Production Expansion in the Dairy

Highest quality standards in action for the foodstuffs industry

One of the biggest dairies in Austria tasked the pipeline construction team of Kremsmueller with a real showcase project in a particularly sensitive area of the foodstuffs industry. For expanding the production, the requirement was to connect the supply pipes from an existing part with those of the new production zone. 

Totally, the Kremsmueller team installed 550 metres of C-steel piping DN 15-250 and 6000 metres of stainless steel piping. The traditional C-steel was used for the steam and heating pipes. Stainless steel is the prescribed material for the production piping. But it was also used for the hot water and air pipes.

In addition, the specialists installed a heating and heat recovery system. Heat is recovered from the air compressors of the system. It is used for supplying energy to the air conditioners. 

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