Precise positioning – down to the millimeter
The new liner is precisely positioned inside the outer shell

Precision installation

The liner of a storage tank for heating oil at a co-generation power plant was damaged. Kremsmueller’s tank construction experts fabricated a new, perfectly fitting liner for the tank.

The replacement component was prefabricated in the workshops of Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau. The individual rings were subsequently used to create the new liner at the site of the customer’s plant. Installation within the existing tank involved precision work.
The tank, which weighed 18 tons and had a diameter of 8 meters, had to be precisely fitted. Straightening plates specially developed for this project ensured the required accuracy of the work. In addition, the local  conditions in the plant presented a special challenge. The confined space provided very little clearance in which to manipulate the tank.
After connection was made to the existing pipelines, the customer once again had a completely functional storage tank.
Installation of a liner
Precise positioning of the new liner with the help of a crane