Dagachhu duct
The duct entrance to the Dagachhu hydro plant. Hydroelectric power generation counts as one of the most important foreign exchanger earners in Bhutan.

Power plant construction in Bhutan

Generators for the Dagachhu hydroelectric plant

In the year 2012, Kremsmueller supplied a branch pipe weighing 45 tonnes to Bhutan. The component, 8.5 metres in height, divides the water flow of the Dagachhu river and deflects it to the turbines. The installation of two generators of 63MW each is now in progress in Bhutan.

The components for the generators have been made by many different manufacturers. They come from Poland, Austria, Switzerland, India and China. This is a special challenge for the Kremsmueller assembly team. The most important aspect here is the perfect matching of the components. The assembly and installation work would have to be done with millimetre precision and with the greatest care.

One special experience for the Kremsmueller team is meeting and working with people from so many different places. More than 20 nations are working on the completion of the hydro plant. "It is a special experience. So many friendships are formed, and there is still time to get to know the country," reports Kremsmueller’s construction manager.

The Dagachhu hydroelectric plant is a part of the "Green Power Development Project". By exporting power to neighbouring India, and thus saving the burning of fossil fuels, CO?-emission certificates could be generated under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. They would be an additional source of income for the Himalayan Kingdom.

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Installation of hydroelectric plant, Kremsmueller
"Being deployed overseas does not merely mean hard work. There is always time to get to know the country and to have interesting experiences!"