Compressor station Baumgarten
The compressor station has enhanced power. The customer can now guarantee the agreed pressure at the transfer station.

Power for the Pipeline Network

There are huge investments being made in supply networks. The leading oil and gas companies are finding Kremsmueller to be a competent partner to approach.

All over the world, the demand for natural gas is increasing constantly. To be able to cover this demand, the transportation network is being extended and improved continuously. Electrical, instrumentation and control services from Kremsmueller are indispensable in such a situation. For the expansion of a natural gas pipeline network for a customer, Kremsmueller, the industrial expert, took care of the entire electrical engineering equipment and also supplied the instrumentation.
Two compressor stations and one transfer station were expanded, two other completely new compressor stations were built. In these plants, natural gas is compressed to compensate for pressure losses. Only thus can sufficient pressure be built up so that the gas reaches its destination.
The purchasing department processed 1,100 orders for materials for the project. 33.000 working hours later, the customers had impressive transportation capacities at their disposal.
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