Welding technology
In the Karl Kremsmueller Schweißakademie (Welding Academy), the plant construction and engineering students learn what is involved in actual practice.

Plant construction study course on the path to success

Optimum proximity to practicality at the university. Kremsmueller makes it possible.

The FH Wels technical college appealed directly to industry to create a training programme that was custom-made for plant engineering and construction companies. Kremsmueller was involved right from the planning phase of the Master’s degree course. The programme is now in full swing and can look back on a successful first year.
This was a first, even for Kremsmueller. Experts from the plant construction company directed the seminar "Welding Technology and Materials Testing". The students learn what is involved in executing a project. At the end of the semester, they can implement the acquired knowledge in actual practice. The Karl Kremsmuller Schweißakademie (Welding Academy) provided the ideal framework for the project. The students had to carry out all the tasks and functions of the project leader for a small pressurised tank: documentation, safety procedures, test logs and a large number of other procedures were carried out, just as is the case for a large project.
Initial reactions to the seminar held by Kremsmueller are impressive: "One of the best seminars in the course!", "The seminar was very lively and full of content relevant to actual practice", "Perfect seminar, perfectly organised", "Substantiated, in line with actual practice and highly interesting", "Scripts with unequalled quality". In the evaluation sheets, all the students gave the seminar only the best grades.
The course supplements technical knowledge with thorough fundamental know-how regarding project execution. The range of subjects covered spans contract law and welding technology to project controlling. "The perfect course of study. There is probably hardly any other training programme that so accurately mirrors the fields of activity of a plant construction company", said Gregor Kremsmueller of the course. "We will continue to make our know-how available to the FH (technical college).“
More information on this course is available at fh-ooe.at. You can also read more on the Karl Kremsmueller Welding Academy at  schweissakademie.at.
Materials testing
The project team is familiarised with the instruments of materials testing under professional guidance.