Europe Cross Kremsmueller HTL Wels
The Europe Cross on the Alberfeldkogel (photo credit: OÖ Seilbahnholding GmbH)

Pickling for the European Spirit

Kremsmüller restored the information panel on the Europe Cross on the Alberfeldkogel (1707M)

To mark the occasion of Austria’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2006, more than 100 pupils got together in the workshops of the Higher Technical College (HTL) Wels to produce the Europe Cross on the Alberfeldkogel (near the Feuerkogel).

Continually exposed to the elements, renovation work was now on the agenda. The information panel, and the metal box for the summit book etc. had to be permanently protected from corrosion. The HTL Wels approached Kremsmüller to carry out this extraordinary project. Of course we jumped at the chance. The metal parts were processed in our pickling plant and are now back on the summit.

The Europe Cross can be reached via a hiking trail or, for those who are brave enough, via the HTL Wels ferrata. For detailed information:

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