Storage tank, refinery Kremsmueller
The assembly of the 200 tonne storage tank was a spectacular affair. Using 20 special tank construction hoists, the tanks were lifted and the Kremsmueller welders fitted the plates one by one at its lower end.

Perfect Synergy

Three areas of competence unified in one project

A leading international oil group entrusted Kremsmueller with the expansion of an extraction station situated north-east of Vienna. All the core divisions of the Kremsmueller Group – I&C, tank construction and steel construction and erection – dovetailed seamlessly with one another in this project.

The tank construction department fabricated a water tank that was 22m wide and 15m high. Kremsmueller installed the tank, so to speak, "from the bottom upwards": While the tank was lifted by 20 tank construction hoists – special lifting devices – welding specialists fitted the plates row after row at the lower end of the tank.

This method of assembly also has an advantage for the labour safety, because working at heights is not required any more. The use of scaffolding, which is a big source of risk at construction sites, is thus reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore, Kremsmueller is responsible for 90,000 kg of steel construction. The expansion of the pipe bridges, the adaptation of the existing pipe bridges, the catwalks and the operating walkways, as well as the installation of a separator platform are just a few examples that were a part of Kremsmueller’s scope of tasks.

The specialists for I&C are responsible for the connections of the pumps, the lighting and installation of the required measuring instruments. This also includes the highly sensitive compressed air and flow measuring instruments in the storage tank that are of extreme importance.

Moreover, existing safety devices like the fire alarm system were extended and adapted to the present-day safety standards. The installation of a lightning protection system will round off the work.

In the petrochemical plant construction sector, Kremsmueller can look back upon 50 years of experience. If you would like to know more, please click at the top right on Contact to reach the experts directly.
Pipe bridges refinery Kremsmueller
The cabling of the different electrical installations of the extraction station are laid along the pipe bridges.