Oxi Reactor Weighing 160 Tons

Kremsmüller’s Apparatus and Tank Construction Division has manufactured an Oxi Reactor which is impressive for more reasons than just its size.

Heavy-lift and oversized transportation has been common practice at Kremsmüller for decades. Nevertheless, it is always awe-inspiring when a new steel colossus leaves the factory halls. In this particular instance, an oxi reactor weighing 160 tons and measuring up to 3.7 metres in width and 35 metres in length was picked up by a 24-axle articulated lorry.

The extreme weight resulted from a cluster of cooling pipes inside the reactor, involving over 4,000 metres of pipes and more than 1,000 weld seams.

The Kremsmüller headquarters in Steinhaus near Wels are ideally connected to the motorway network and, thanks to this very central location, offer optimum conditions for manufacturing and transporting large components.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the way the project was implemented and gave very positive feedback.