Safety at Kremsmueller
The "Kremsmueller Safety Board": Employees regularly refer to it for information on the latest safety-related topics.

Outstanding employees

Applying creativity to achieve more safety at the workplace

Kremsmueller has been able to make the workplaces even safer in the last few years. More than anything else, this has been made possible because the employees actively support the numerous initiatives of the Group. The flow of information in matters related to safety is smooth and without any gaps from the management up to the worker. Any unsafe situations are immediately addressed, defused and reported.
This involvement and commitment is valued highly at Kremsmueller. Those who have shown particular commitment in the past year were once again honoured with the sought-after safety prize. That is the management’s way of expressing its gratitude towards those who are pathbreakers in matters of safety. These employees input valuable experiences – knowledge that could be relevant even at other construction sites.
The information medium is the „Kremsmueller Safety Board". The content is professionally prepared and tailormade for the target group of „Construction site personnel“. Thanks to a close network of safety experts, the latest notifications can be prepared practically in real time. The continuously dropping accident numbers show that in matters of safety, Kremsmueller is on the right path – a fact that Kremsmueller will once again prove in the spring during the SCC Audit.