Fittings service Kremsmueller
The experienced team of technicians and maintenance experts has been in action since the beginning of 2015.

New from Kremsmueller: Fittings Service

Kremsmueller sets up a centre of competence for the maintenance and repairs of fittings at the Vienna-Schwechat location

A team – comprising experienced technicians and experts from the area of upkeep – has been recently set up and is in action for projects related to service, repairs and inspection of fittings and valves. Thus, Kremsmueller is now offering yet another industry service, which blends perfectly in the extensive portfolio of services of the Group.

No matter whether control valves, safety valves or shut-off valves, measurement valves or flame trap valves are involved – decades of experience in the area of service and maintenance of large industrial plants is to the benefit of the customer. Repairs to gate valves or their control or regulation drives including I&C Engineering also fall in the area of responsibility of the team.

The machinery and tools that the Fittings Service competence centre is equipped with are matched to its area of activity and are expanded constantly. The repair work is carried out directly at the Kremsmueller site in Schwechat. So also, fast and high-quality machining of fittings is possible in the API-certified mechanical production facility of Kremsmueller in the Styrian town of Krieglach.

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