jobmeister ilona hofmann
Thanks to JobMeister, the young woman, who is skilful with her hands, found the perfect job.

More excitement in the job

Too little “excitement” in the job is something Ilona Hofmann cannot complain about

This JobMeister employee has found the perfect job thanks to the commitment of her career advisors. In a brief interview, Ilona Hofmann provides an insight into her working life:
You make electronic components – How does one find such a job?
I am skilled with my hands and wanted to use that talent. Also, the hi-tech sector simply fascinates me. My JobMeister career advisors got to work and found this great job for me.
And why through JobMeister, which is a personnel services provider?
Because you can hardly find such jobs on your own. And I like the family atmosphere here. Of course, my workplace is in a large industrial environment. But my employers are a small team that one can approach with one’s concerns at any time.
What’s your tip for those looking for jobs?
Simply apply to JobMeister! They are still looking for any number of people for jobs in my sector. And Kremsmueller is behind JobMeister. That’s my guarantee of getting my salary with certainty in my account.
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