die möwe client interview
die möwe client interview

”die möwe“ Child Protection Centre


Every project that hopes to qualify for the Kremsmüller4Life funding programme has to be worthwhile and sustainable. Yet, hardly any project arouses as many emotions as the “die möwe” child protection centre.

In this facility, staff work with children who are having to deal with traumatic events involving physical violence, psychological violence, but mainly sexualised violence. Children between the ages of 8 and 14 are effectively helped here to come to terms with unimaginable pain.

Through the sponsorship of Kremsmüller, a new “die möwe” centre has been opened in Gänserndorf. When choosing “premises”, it is important to ensure these offer wheelchair access and can be reached conveniently by as many people as possible. The new location in Gänserndorf satisfies all of these requirements.

Our sponsorship covers the basic furnishings of the rooms, starting with sofas, armchairs and tables through to puzzles, educational material and therapy dolls.

Hundreds of children have already received support since the opening of the therapy centre in Gänserndorf. Every single child who has been helped is confirmation for us that we have chosen the right project!

Every cent donated is well invested at the “die möwe”. Donations can be made at any time on the website https://www.die-moewe.at/spende.

The following video shows the new child protection centre and provides detailed background information.