Kremsmueller employees are characterised by these attributes: quality-consciousness, cooperativeness as between partners, versatility, a sense of responsibility and the spirit of innovation.

Mission Statement of the Kremsmueller Group

Values, visions and goals

The Kremsmueller Group is a composite association of networked companies with a common goal: to provide the customer high-quality complete solutions in industrial plant construction. To achieve this goal again and again, there exist a handful of unwritten laws that form the cornerstone of the achieved success. And it is exactly these values that every Kremsmueller employee has upheld for more than 50 years, in the most varied sectors and at many locations all over Europe.
Quality-consciousness has characterised our work since 1961.
Cooperativeness is one of the most important values of a family enterprise.
Versatility guarantees an interesting and challenging workplace with many possibilities for self-development.
A sense of responsibility in all facets is an obligation of a traditional enterprise.
Innovativeness means, for us, being open to anything new, with the commitment of decades of experience.
To be able to nurture this „recipe for success“ for many more years, the unwritten Kremsmueller laws have now been expressed in words. You can read more on them at