Branch junction, Kremsmueller
A part of the 120-tonne branch junction for the Kaunertal power plant. The component, 5 metres high and 6 metres wide, was supplied in parts, welded together at the time of site pre-finishing, supplied in its entirety to the tunnel and assembled at its end position. Four more branch junctions are in progress.

Millimetre by millimetre

Precision work in the Kaunertal power plant

After several months during which tonnes of steel left the Kremsmueller production facility every week in the form of pipeline segments, it was time for the first of five branch junctions to start their journey to the hydroelectric power plant in the Tyrolean Kaunertal. At a height of 5 metres and a width of 6 metres, the dimensions of the branch junction are truly awesome. The total weight is 120 tonnes.

Using a self-propelled heavy-duty transporter with a height-balancing function, the Y-shaped component was moved into the tunnel. The separate control of wheels and axle lines helped to keep the platform with the branch junction horizontal. When the time came to move the branch junction to its intended place, it was also time for correct-to-the-nearest-millimetre work.

In the tunnel, the pipe segments are welded to one another. Later, a pressure of 80 bar pro cm2 will be exerted on the lower part of the tunnel armouring of the pressure shaft. That equals 800,000 kilograms per square metre. The welding skills of the team play a very significant role here.

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Assembly in the tunnel
The assembly of the branch junction in the tunnel demanded the highest level of effort from every team member.
Welder, Kremsmueller
Welding high-performance steel is an art in itself. Kremsmueller has the experts for the purpose.