Sheet metal rolling machine
The pivot bearing is unfolded - To be able to eject the rolled component from the machine.

Mammoth machine

One of the largest sheet metal rolling machines in Europe now adorns the workshop of Kremsmueller.

The pride and joy of the workshop at the Steinhaus headquarters of Kremsmueller: the giant sheet metal rolling machine, which is now ready to face any challenge.
The machine is a unique special fabrication for Kremsmueller and thus perfectly tailored for the requirements in container, apparatus and tank construction. The collaboration between the manufacturer and Kremsmueller gave rise to 15 new patents – and hence a machine that will be well advanced of its time. Particularly where pressurised pipeline construction is involved, Kremsmueller is now among the first addresses to approach for high-quality precision work.
Processing sheets that are 150 mm thick and four meters wide is child’s play for this gigantic machine. Up to a minimum diameter of 1,700 mm, components can be cold-rolled. The pressure that is required for such a capability is no less than 2,000 tonnes.
The appearance of the sheet metal rolling machine is equally impressive: the nearly seven metres high machine is one of the largest in Europe. The largest, most powerful roller of the 410-tonner has a diameter of almost a metre.
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Graebner Werk Deutschland
In the works of the supplier, the sheet metal rolling machine took up most of the production area.
Engineering drawing
The manufacturer designed the sheet metal rolling machine exactly according to the ideas of Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau.