Welding technology
Kremsmueller repairs elements of the stage just a few days before the C/DC concert.

Lightning Deployment for Thunderstruck

Kremsmueller deployed at the AC/DC Tour 2010

When the Rock n’ Roll Train drove in at the Wels airport campus (Upper Austria) and the crowd roared, Kremsmueller had already done its job.
Some stage elements had broken while dismantling the stage after the previous concert. Since the concert organisers also stood by the motto "Safety First", a real professional was required for the repairs.
Once again, Kremsmueller provided a convincing display of quality and flexibility, which is why the event organiser expressed his recommendation to all tour partners. The approximately 95,000 visitors will remember the concert for a long time. They rocked in thunder and rain to Hell’s Bells, while the stage withstood the performance of lead guitarrist Angus Young.
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