salzkammergut festival
The Austrian reggae band "The Buccaneers" brought the guests of honour up onto the stage to dance.


Lebenshilfe Gmunden association at the Salzkammergut festival

In cooperation with the managing committee of the Salzkammergut festival, Kremsmueller 4 Life organised invitations for the Lebenshilfe association to several concert events during the festival. Its members thus got the opportunity to experience art up close and in a unique atmosphere.

The impartiality and intensity with which challenged individuals look at art and culture is unexampled. It was this fact that gave the organising team of Kremsmueller 4 Life the idea to let differently challenged individuals experience completely new art forms.

Whether traditional African music, jazz or reggae, the radiant faces of the concert attendees demonstrated how much how much happiness and awareness of life can be transmitted through art. And the Salzkammergut festival provided the ideal framework to do so.

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