krm remote heating lake city
The piping of a fitting and compensation shaft. The pipe joint components can be seen in the foreground, while the main shut-off fittings are in the background. Both in nominal widths DN250.

Lake city Aspern

Kremsmueller part of Vienna’s showcase project

One of Europe’s largest urban development projects is currently being implemented at the erstwhile Aspern airfield. A completely new borough of Vienna is being built over an area of about 240 hectares, which is the equivalent of 340 football fields. Kremsmueller has taken on the responsibility for connecting the lake city to the remote heating network.

Since the placement of the order, the team from Liesing has had its hands full. First, an existing high-temperature remote heating line had to be re-aligned and adapted to the new conditions. The remote heating network is designed for a temperature of 180°C and a pressure of 40 bar.
Thus, 1,320m of steel pipe DN250 were laid in prefabricated channels. Then there were numerous shaft pipes in branch shafts or compensation shafts. Compensation shafts are indispensable for compensating for the expansion due to heat.

The new reverser system of Vienna’s metro line 2, which represents one of the most important public transport connections to the lake city, was also connected by Kremsmueller Liesing to the remote heating network.

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krm remote heating aspern
The Kremsmueller team carried out a great deal of planning work. As a general contractor, Kremsmueller was also responsible for extensive construction procedures and processes.