Kremsmueller is a showcase company for apprentice training. Knowledge at a world-class level is imparted, for example, in the company's internal welding academy.

Kremsmueller’s exemplary apprentice training

The company received the ineo certificate for apprenticeship training operations for the promotion of additional qualifications in the training of upcoming trainees.

Kremsmueller is a true showcase operation in regard to the training of apprentices. Just a short while ago, the commitment of the trainers was recognised with the ineo apprentice training operations certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In particular, the company was decorated with an award for its support to junior employees in training for various additional qualifications. Apart from the standard apprenticeship syllabus, our trainees also get their personal, social and economic competences strengthened. This is facilitated by the corresponding training and workshops, as well as through events like apprentice weekends, which strengthens team spirit between them.

At the present time, there are 33 young apprentices being trained at the Steinhaus, Schwechat and Kieglach locations. Six apprentices are admitted every year in Steinhaus. The application period is currently running for traineeships starting from autumn 2016.

Those interested can click here for information about the teaching positions offered or use the envelope icon (on the right) to contact the personnel management.