Kremsmüller4Life Sponsors Social Project in India


Our social project Kremsmüller4Life is always on the lookout for meritorious and worthy projects all over the world. As a result, we are now sponsoring a Steyler Missionary project in India and have set up a production plant for affordable feminine hygiene. Thanks to Kremsmüller4Life’s social commitment, at least 6 women have been given jobs, numerous door-to-door saleswomen have an additional income and countless women have access to affordable feminine hygiene products.

This particular topic has become extremely familiar in India as a result of the Bollywood blockbuster “Padman”. There is a link to a trailer of the film at the top of the slider of this article. In the production plant built by Kremsmüller, sanitary towels are now being produced using the cost-effective method of the real “Padman”, Arunachalam Muruganantham.

Each year, three projects are selected and sponsored by the Kremsmüller4Life funding programme. More information about Kremsmüller4Life and the submission of projects can be found here: