Kremsmüller supplies components for biodiesel production

Long-term cooperation with Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH

Kremsmüller has had the privilege of working for Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH on several occasions. The company is Austria’s largest producer of biodiesel, with four locations in Austria and others abroad.

Since Kremsmüller’s services are mainly provided in EX areas, there are special requirements in the area of occupational safety, which Kremsmüller conscientiously meets.

In addition, the processing of high-quality stainless steels, which are particularly resistant to chemicals, requires a great deal of know-how. The experts at Kremsmüller also have this.

In the current project, a tank with a length of 3.7 metres, a diameter of 2 metres and a volume of 8,400 litres is being replaced. Since the tank is permanently needed in the ongoing work process, the replacement will take place during a planned shutdown in June 2023. Prior to this, the tank will be delivered in parts by Kremsmüller’s specialists, pre-assembled on site and installed during the shutdown.

Kremsmüller’s construction manager commented on this in an interview as follows: “During the shutdown, everything has to go quickly and smoothly. We prepare everything to perfection to deliver a flawless performance on day X.”

The head of maintenance at Münzer, praises above all the technically flawless execution of the delivered components and the smooth handling of the work. The good communication, right up to the seamless and complete documentation, is also very much appreciated.

This project is one of a whole series of other Kremsmüller projects related to the energy transition and environmental technology. This is because the biogenic fuels produced by Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH save up to 93 % CO₂ compared to conventional diesel. You can find out more about Kremsmüller’s services in the field of environment & energy here.