Kremsmüller sponsors ProMente Erlenhof

Kremsmüller 4 Life sponsors therapy centre in Prambachkirchen and enables patients to regain a foothold in life.

One of the projects sponsored by Kremsmüller 4 Life in 2019 was the Erlenhof in Prambachkirchen. The farm, which has been carefully renovated and managed by ProMente, has served as a therapy centre since 1981. Here people recovering from an addiction are gently escorted back to everyday life. This is an important task undertaken at Erlenhof with a keen sense of responsibility.

An environment is created in which former drug addicts and alcoholics follow a clearly structured daily routine. The patients benefit from fixed daily and weekly schedules and participate in discussions and work therapies.

One of the working areas is agriculture. The Erlenhof has set itself the goal of producing the food it needs itself. This entails a lot of work in the garden, with the animals and in the fields. In the production of food, the main emphasis is on natural, organic and sustainable practices, the preservation of old fruit, vegetable and cereal varieties as well as on animal welfare. In this way the clients of the Erlenhof are given a new, appreciative insight into nature at the same time, which provides them with a solid basis for day-to-day life.

The contribution made by Kremsmüller 4 Life will be used, among other things, for special seeds and to further increase the stock of wild fruit bushes and trees at Erlenhof. When the seed has been sown in the soil, the bushes and trees are then planted in the autumn.

For Gregor Kremsmüller, this ProMente therapy centre is a showcase project for Kremsmüller 4 Life. Above all, the aspect of sustainability makes the Erlenhof the perfect example for the objectives and orientation of the Kremsmüller sponsorship programme. In this particular case, nature and people will benefit from this support for a long time to come!

The video embedded above will give you further insight into the Erlenhof project.

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