Karate Kremsmueller4Life Social Program Sonne India
Karate Kremsmueller4Life Social Program Sonne India

Kremsmüller and Karate for Girls in India

Kremsmüller 4 Life is helping girls in India to become safer and more self-confident

Every second woman in India will become a victim of rape at some point in her life. Projects undertaken by SONNE-International involving schools, regular sports and karate lessons, as well as a lot of educational activities can help many girls break this cycle.

Often it is simply a matter of having the courage to say “NO” out loud, of pushing the attacker away or simply making a stand. The girls trained by SONNE manage this much better than untrained children.

The sponsor of SONNE International’s India project is karate world champion Alisa Buchinger, who we met for a chat at the Salzburg University and State Sports Centre.

So far Alisa has made two trips to India to give karate lessons to the girls herself, as well as to give the local karate trainers some practical tips for their classes.

This KRM4Life project also satisfies the issue of sustainability 100 per cent, because the karate girls will certainly go through life more confidently from now on!

You can find more information about Kremsmüller 4 Life here.