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Filming work for "Idea" – the phase in which not just our engineers, but also our site managers and senior fitters contribute valuable knowledge.

Kremsmüller in a New Guise

Correctly positioned in the upturn, Kremsmüller adapts to market requirements with new branding and a fresh focus.

As on this website Kremsmüller’s new corporate image can be seen with increasing frequency these weeks. However, the reduced design is only part of its new appearance. Much more important is its repositioning. The focus is now on the concentrated skills of experts from all disciplines ? the “united skills”. And customers can benefit from this expertise at any time.

During the first brainstorming phase Kremsmüller provides valuable input, which pays dividends during the construction phase. Later, wide-ranging competencies are incorporated into the project planning. Depending on the sector and project, the company will have forged strong partnerships with engineering consultancies. The concentrated force of all mechanical and electrical departments of Kremsmüller is employed during the realisation of a project. Later, comprehensive services in day-to-day maintenance are demonstrated ? a traditional area of Kremsmüller. And if the plant is dismantled or modernised after many years, Kremsmüller is the perfect partner because these projects are often the most complex and require a deep understanding of all disciplines.

It is precisely this logic of ” Idea – Plan – Build – Maintain – Next” that is reflected in our new external image, with the promise of always being the most competent advisor for the client’s plant. Concentration on the essentials ? the holistic construction of industrial plants ? combined with strong partnerships represent decisive success criteria.