JobMeister Wels
A reliable partner in personnel services: The JobMeister team in Wels. The 'Jobs with a bite' are also present in Laakirchen and Wolfsberg.

JobMeister gets SCP certification

Top certification for personnel services provider

Reliable, qualified and safety-oriented employees. That is what the SCP certification, in its role as a safety certificate, vouches for personnel services providers. It will make JobMeister a preferred business associate in this domain. 

Since employees in the personnel contracting sector often change their work locations, they are naturally not as familiar with the conditions in the client company as the permanent employees. This fact increases the risk of accidents and can have a negative influence on the factory’s safety. But with personnel from JobMeister, the customer can count on the personnel having broad knowledge in the aspect of safety at work.

JobMeister’s recipe for success has always been the versatility of the personnel through deployments in the most varied sectors. Furthermore, personal advisers are always available to help them with words and deeds even in matters regarding safety. The SCP certificate is now an attestation of the top safety management in black and white.

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