The assembly of the water tank. The roof construction is lifted onto the tank with a special crane.

Irons in the fire

Kremsmueller Romania fits 5 storage tanks with fire protection systems

Kremsmueller was awarded a showcase project in the petrochemicals  sector. A leading international mineral oils group entrusted the team from Ploiesti with the planning, erection and installation of fire and gas warning systems, as well as extensive firefighting systems in its extraction stations.

Kremsmueller installed a total of 13 electric pumps, 4 diesel pumps, 6 foam tanks and foam proportioners. Furthermore, there was all the I&C work, as well as the construction and assembly of three new water tanks. Totally, Kremsmueller Romania installed 250 tonnes of steel. Depending on the quality of each storage tank, sometimes, very extensive modernisation work had to be carried out as well.

If there is danger, sensors installed all over the area of the storage tank send a warning signal to the control centre. Thereupon, all the systems like the water tank, cooling water and extinguishing foam systems are activated immediately. The pumps push the extinguishing medium through the previously laid pipeline exactly to the point of danger.

Fire protection systems are among the most important and at the same time, most sensitive installations in petrochemical systems. Kremsmueller can look back upon more than 50 years of experience in such projects.

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An employee of Kremsmueller Romania examines the insulation of the piping.