In the middle of the jungle, Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau laid the piping for the hydraulic system of a spherical valve.

Installation work in paradise

Plant construction professionals from Kremsmueller: you can find them all over the world.

A Kremsmueller site manager spent 2 months in the paradiesacal Parrita, in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle. A spherical valve weighing 90 tonnes was installed here this year.
Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau supervised the piping of water and oil hydraulics. One feature that is always included in such projects: unique insights into the culture of a country. In Costa Rica, one encounters fascinating natural beauty, cordiality, hospitality and a tremendous talent for improvisation. Tropical rain can sometimes shut down a construction site. But everyone is back at work just as quickly. The inventive talent is just as fascinating. The locals tinker with simple materials and come up with efficient tools. However, safety must not be neglected despite this – after all, wherever Kremsmueller is in action, you can always count on a maximum level of safety. World-wide.
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