Frankenmarkt-Kühschinken slide gate valve station
For the layperson, a mishmash of pipes: The Frankenmarkt-Kühschinken slide gate valve station can be seen here. If there is a situation, the gas flow can be diverted here.

In action for the gas supply

Slide gate valve stations for natural gas pipe right across Upper Austria

The pipeline construction experts of Kremsmueller installed 6 slide gate valve stations while constructing a new high-pressure pipeline. In case of leaks, the ball valves installed there can be used to stop the gas flow or to divert it. This protects the refineries from the very costly under-supply situation. Slide gate valve stations are indispensable for the smooth operation of a gas pipeline.
QA and labour safety had the topmost priority in this project as well. Before starting the deployment, every welder involved in the project had to make a test weld seam. It was then tested destructively. After it was manufactured, every centimetre of the high-pressure pipeline was subjected to an X-ray test. Safety instructions were painstakingly documented and helmet stickers were distributed to show who had participated in the instruction.
The 34km long gas pipeline joins the two stations Puchkirchen (Vöcklabruck) and Haidach (Straßwalchen). At full capacity, the pipeline transports 1.26 million m3 of natural gas per hour. This corresponds to the annual requirement of about 900 single-family houses.
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Slide gate valve station at Friedburg
The Friedburg slide gate valve station is being connected to the station network. The pressure test at 110 bar is running in the background.