Non-destructive testing
The state of the ammonia pipes was examined without damaging them.

Hops and malt, inspection sustains it all

The condition of insulated pipes is inspected in Austrian breweries. This is made possible by computer radiography.

There exist temperature differences of up to 60 degrees Celsius between the pipes and the outer side of the insulation. This can lead to water agglomeration, which results in corrosion and in consequence, permanent damage to the pipes.

This was a case for the action team from materials testing. It was travelling all over Austria to inspect the condition of the ammonia pipes in breweries. Computer radiography was used for the purpose. Kremsmueller has employed this process for a few years now and is a leader in its use. In mobile deployment, the materials testing division has a clear USP in Austria. Computer radiography makes it possible to observe pipes highly accurately even in the insulated condition – a substantial cost advantage for customers. Thanks to this procedure, it was determined that there was a need for urgent action. By immediately initiating remedial measures, potential production stoppages were prevented.

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Damaged pipe
The result of the inspection: corroded pipes that were replaced immediately.
X-ray image
Using computer radiography, even the insulated pipe could be 'lit up' to its deepest layers.