The ergotherapist helps children to experience and achieve success, and to flower individually as a result.

Helping children…

to better confront the challenges of life.

Kremsmueller 4 Life helped and enhanced the ergotherapeutic equipment in the children’s aid organisation in Linz. There, children with physical, psychic and even social impairments are treated according to doctor’s orders. What is special about ergotherapy is that the development of the children is promoted on an individual basis by means of various activities and materials. This is done through creative techniques and techniques requiring craftsmanship skills, games and toys, motion devices and lots more. The kids learn to concentrate better, and the concomitant success that they experience increases their self-confidence. In this manner, the children can better confront the challenges of life.
Innovative social projects can apply for project aid from the  „Kremsmueller 4 Life“ program.

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