Health Day krm
"Back pain can be conquered" - In this seminar, employees learned appropriate exercises for preventing and fighting back pain.

Health Campaign 2013

First company Health Day at Kremsmueller

In the Kremsmueller Group, the search is always on for new measures to ensure ever better labour protection. Apart from numerous safety measures, health promotion is given central importance. A short while ago, the first company Health Day was held at the Central Head Office in Steinhaus.

In cooperation with the AUVA (General Accident Insurance Association), M/s Optik Schwabegger from Wels and the company physician of Kremsmueller, the personnel department organised a so-called Health Camp. At different stations, the employees could test, among other things, their hearing and vision, sense of balance, their blood, or even their general physical condition.
The subject of drink-driving was treated separately. Using a motorcycle simulator and a pair of blood alcohol-limit glasses, made available by the AUVA, the participants were shown, quite literally right in front of them, what kind of a negative effect excessive alcohol consumption has on the ability to react.

The company doctor was available to every employee to answer questions and for a general health check. Seminars for improving the psychic well-being rounded off the program.

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company physician kremsmueller
Kremsmueller company physician Dr. Gerhard Schatzberger and his wife Michaela were available for the employees, for blood tests, consultations and a general health check.
auva parcours
The Kremsmueller employees were able to test their ability to react when under the influence of alcohol on a motorcycle simulator.