Creative talent
Many participants demonstrated impressive skills with great attention to detail

Hartheim art project

In 2006 the Kremsmueller Group made possible a unique project. People with mental disabilities were given sustained support and demonstrated impressive talents.

The needs of people with mental disabilities are quite varied. Only a few of them are able to pursue activities such as those found in protected workshops, for example. The project “Art Forms Hartheim” organizes extraordinary workshops for people with special needs. Working with art promotes self-confidence and stimulates a new energy for life. Talents are discovered and promoted individually. In 2006, a groundbreaking project was developed jointly with the Kremsmueller Group.
Working with artists Thomas Aschenbrenner and Anita Achleitner, unconventional Christmas ornaments were produced in a workshop, with the residents of the Hartheim Institute using so-called trash materials. A variety of materials – from cable clips to film strips, and even pieces of copper from Kremsmueller’s control cabinet construction segment – found a new purpose.
The project was rounded out by the implementation of a new archiving system for the artists’ workshops in Hartheim. As a result, the remarkable objects are able to be stored in a worthy fashion.
A unique present
An action painting campaign was the crowning finale to the project
Professional artists support the participants in their creative work
Colorful event
The exuberance is virtually emanating from many pieces