Kremsmueller wood chip heating plant
Energy supply that conserves resources. The wood chips for the biomass plant come from the sustainable forestry cultivation of the Kremsmueller family.

Green energy

Sustainable heat supply for the company head office of the Kremsmueller Group

Since 2009, a wood chip heating plant has ensured the environment-friendly heating of the company head office and production facility in Steinhaus near Wels. It functions as a small but elegant bio-thermal power plant, which is supplied fuel in the form of the renewable raw material wood, from the forestry cultivation of the family that owns the Group.

With the progress of the ongoing investment program at this location, and the concomitant increase in the energy requirement, Kremsmueller has tailored this environment-friendly supply concept optimally. Since the completion of the expansion, about 17000 square metres, divided into production area, office space and storage space, has to be supplied with energy.

The wood chip plant was expanded with a second boiler with the same capacity. The heating capacity thus doubled to 1900 kW. To prevent the very fine dust particles arising out of the combustion of wood from entering the atmosphere, Kremsmueller installed an electric protection filter with a chimney system.

With the constant modernisation and optimisation, even in the production area, this family-owned company has set a few standards in the handling of resources. 100% of the residual heat of the production plants, which are already highly efficient, is recovered and used.

For the installation of the bio-thermal power plant, Kremsmueller was able to fall back on its many years of know-how in this area. All the pipe-laying work, as well as the electrical and control engineering details in the plant installation were taken care of in-house.

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Kremsmueller production
A comprehensive heat recovery plant in the production shops provides considerable support to the in-house wood chip heating system.