Future Prospects in the Maintenance Sector

“Predictive maintenance” is a term on everyone’s lips and yet still in its infancy. Intelligent energy management may be a sensible intermediate step.

Predictive maintenance is designed to optimise maintenance procedures and thus further improve customer service. With calculations and algorithms in the here and now, highly efficient planning can be conducted with foresight. Optimum maintenance intervals can then be defined in advance or it is possible to calculate when parts are to be replaced at the end of their service life in order to avoid malfunctions and downtimes in systems.

What sounds very convincing in theory still needs some persuasive efforts in practice. This is precisely why Kremsmüller has jumped on the bandwagon as a reliable partner for the maintenance of industrial plants. Since the end of 2016, the company has been working on this topic with a panel of experts. As this requires highly specialised mathematical know-how, Kremsmüller is working intensively and constructively with an Upper Austrian start-up company. This makes it possible to respond very specifically to individual customer wishes and to offer tailor-made solutions. As a vendor-neutral enterprise, the company wishes to distinguish itself clearly from traditional plant manufacturers.

Energy management is increasingly emerging as a sensible intermediate step towards intelligent maintenance. By using a similar approach and sophisticated algorithms, energy costs can be reduced sustainably.

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