Each of these half-shells weighs 4,800 kg.

Full speed ahead!

Status report on the “Kaunertal” mega-project.

Last year, in the summer of 2012, the Kremsmueller Group was awarded one of the biggest projects in the history of the company: as a partner of the internationally renowned power plant experts Andritz Hydro, Kremsmueller has taken on the task of manufacturing and installation of the hydro-power tunnel armouring in the Kaunertal power plant.

Since then, the central headquarters of the Kremsmueller Group has undergone tremendous growth. The production capacities have been tripled in the shortest time. The two newly erected shops have already been integrated in the production operations and fitted with the most modern equipment. Together, they now account for more than 10,000mof production area. A large part of that area is occupied by the power plant project.

A small part of the mega-project has already been completed: The manufacture of the half-shells for the tunnel armouring. The 330 half-shells, each weighing 4,800 kg, have been temporarily stored near the headquarters. A special transporter is carrying them one by one to the power plant. There, the parts are welded and erected using the latest equipment.

For the current phase of the project, 2,200 tonnes of steel with a thickness between 42mm and 48mm are being cut in the Kremsmueller workshops, partially rolled and subjected to a magnetic particle inspection. The plates are thus optimally prepared for the further processing.

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welding machine at kremsmueller
The tube pieces are joined to one another using high-precision automatic welding.
Gigantic plates crowd the workshop. In the ongoing project phase, the specialists will process 2,200 tonnes of steel.