Kremsmueller experts were in action in a power plant in Georgia at a height of 1700 metres.

From Steinhaus to the Entire World

Kremsmueller is becoming more and more international. Quality work “Made in Austria” and experts “from Austria” are held in high esteem.

The entire world of industry for the entire world of industry – this is how Kremsmueller can best be defined, because the family-run company is impressive not just owing to its very comprehensive range of services, but in recent times, by the enormous geographic spread of its projects and areas of deployment. This is unbelievable evolution of what was once a two-person industrial service provider.

Whether for hydroelectric power plants in Chile, Georgia and South Africa, or storage tanks in Costa Rica and India – our experts are at work on projects in all these countries. They are impressive in their engineering knowledge and their world-class welding technology. There are therefore already many plants world-wide with our “Kremsmueller seal of quality”. It is work that pays dividends: the number of foreign projects and the concomitant deployment of Kremsmueller experts is increasing and the international brand recognition and reputation of the Steinhaus-based company are being enhanced.

But the technical experts sent on deputation also benefit. They gather professional experience at international construction sites, acquire “value-added” knowledge and know-how. In addition, they get to know different cultures and locations. These are deployments and experiences that are remembered even years later. Are you interested in a challenge in foreign shores? A click on the envelope icon will put you directly in touch with the personnel department and you can get information on all the options.
Six sluice gates were installed in Chile in a hydroelectric plant with help from Kremsmueller.