Bio-thermal power plant
A strong presence in many areas: Experts from Kremsmueller involved in the installation of a power plant.

For the sake of the environment

Hi-Tech bio-heating for the Kremsmueller headquarters in Steinhaus. What is special about it: the origin of the fuel…

The investment project at the Kremsmuelller headquarters in Steinhaus (Upper Austria) has had one predominant result: many more square meters of area, which also have to be heated. 2,600 m² in the new production shop, 1,000 m² in the new office wing, 3,000 m² in the central stores and 2,000 m² in the halls of the pipeline construction division. And it became necessary to find a new, environment-friendly concept for it.
And therefore, since the end of 2009, a 1,000 kW bio-thermal power plant has been in operation. The versatility of Kremsmueller is reflected in this project as well. A multitude of services like pipeline construction as well as instrumentation and control were provided in-house.
What is special about this bio-heating project is that the wood chips come from our own sources. Almost from the time the company was founded, Kremsmueller has repeatedly invested in forest lands. And now, these very forests are providing the eco-friendly CO2-neutral fuel. But the future has been taken care of as well: The heating capacity of the thermal power plant, located alongside the company premises, can be doubled with little cost.
With numerous investments, the Kremsmueller Group is setting the benchmarks for the industrial region of Upper Austria. One of the most precious attributes here is the environment. The family-owned group has made a firm commitment to protect it and to preserve natural resources.
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Making wood chips
The environment-friendly bio-fuel is made in our own forests.
The imposing boiler is being delivered.