Kremsmueller apprentices, social skills
The apprentices quite obviously enjoyed themselves during the group exercises for the purpose of team building.

For apprentices, it was off to the countryside

This year, our apprentices spent two days in Lachstatthof in Steyregg and learned a lot about social skills

This year’s training revolved around the subjects of safety and economy. The two days away from the day-to-day apprenticeship life were used to convey the essence of these core areas through workshops, team training sessions and discussions in an interesting manner. Furthermore, the weekend in the countryside reinforced the ‘we’ feeling and the solidarity of the young people among themselves.

This is an important social skill to which a lot of importance is given at Kremsmueller. It is not for nothing that mutual trust and cooperation and reliability are an integral part of the model and hence firmly anchored in the company culture. These are values that always resonate in the training and also make a decisive contribution to the fact that at Kremsmueller, all doors are open to youth for a sharp career climb. The company pays a great deal of attention to the development of the employees into experts and managers. “As premium providers and suppliers, we are known for our quality. Most of the projects need specially trained and experienced employees, who often cannot be found in the market”, says Gregor Kremsmueller. “It is therefore that much more important for our apprentices to be given comprehensive training at the highest level, so that even in the future, we have the best experts from the sector in our ranks.”

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Kremsmueller apprentices, ability to work in a team
The focus of the tasks was on the ability to work in a team, confidence, boldness and self-discipline.