Kremsmueller trial plant recovery used oils coolant
Kremsmueller built a trial plant that simulates the recovery of used oils, coolant and brake fluid.

First Steps in the Process Industry

Thus far, process engineering was not a Kremsmueller métier. That is now going to end with its entry in thin film evaporation technology.

So far, Kremsmueller was a master in manufacturing the “hardware” like special apparatuses, but now, the “software” will also be covered. In the area of thin film evaporation, the entire technological process can now be designed jointly with the customer. All process engineering matters are the responsibility of Kremsmueller. The entire process and even the life cycle will be covered – from the conception of the plant up to implementation, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Thought has also been given to guaranteeing the theoretical considerations. Feasibility studies and trials are carried out in cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institute. Two orders are already being processed. For a biodiesel plant in Central China, firstly, reactors of titanium for esterification are being manufactured. This is a challenging material with which Kremsmueller has plenty of production experience. Secondly, for the first time, a thin film evaporator and dryer is being implemented for the glycerin that is generated in the process.

With the second order, the test phase is on: A new plant is to built in Austria for a German company – for recovery of used oils, coolant and brake fluid. The goal is “Zero Liquid Discharge”. This residue-less production is currently being tested on a pilot plant specifically built for the purpose.

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