Kremsmueller 4 Life Diakoniewerk Erlkönig
The employees of the Linzerberg workshop quite clearly had fun filling the raised beds.

Fine Delicacies from the Social Welfare Centre (Diakoniewerk)

Disabled people produce regional and seasonal products in the Social Welfare Centre and market them under the name Erlqueen (ErlkönigIn).

200 people with disabilities work in 27 different areas in the Linzerberg workshop of the Social Welfare Centre in Gallneukirchen. Sustainable and regional food is processed in the Erl community kitchen and sold under the Erlqueen brand name.

Thus, there are Erlqueen juices from the Centre’s in-house production in the flavours elder, melissa, lavender and cola leaf as well as an Erlqueen drink made from elderflowers. Jams and biscuits are also made. The Erlqueen project is an enrichment in every respect for the disabled who work there.

Harvesting takes place directly in front of the door in the garden. In order to make production even fresher and more varied, Kremsmüller lent a helping hand. Raised beds were created. In addition, the walkway was adapted to be barrier-free, making it easily accessible for wheelchair users and no longer posing an obstacle.

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