Film Forum Linz Batchbin
Ceremonial presentation of the prize for the victory in the Technology category. Michael Filnkoessl, General Manager of the media company Vogel Audiovision accepting the prize.

Film prize for Batchbin

Batchbin cartoon wins competition for the best Austrian advertising and business film for 2014

A straightforward explanation of a straightforward engineering solution. The cartoon strip, produced last year, visualises Batchbin, the system for powder dosing. The individual components of the modular system are described in a brief, concise manner. The clarity in the depiction of the engineering brought the cartoon strip the film prize of the Film Forum Linz in 2014.

The company that implemented the idea was Vogel Audiovision. The focus of the idea is always on the – for the customer – simple and cost-effective solution made possible by the modular system on which the Batchbin technology is based. Thanks to this solution, it is immaterial whether the customer plans to construct an entirely new plant or modernise an existing one. It can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Take a look for yourself, and be convinced:

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