Falling film evaporator calls for new processing techniques

Kremsmüller can rely on the skills of its employees no matter what the requirements. And new competencies are constantly being added.

For decades Kremsmüller has been growing with every new project and every fresh challenge. The strength of the company results from the accumulated skills of its workforce. And these are impressive, as industry experts and customers alike will confirm.

In the middle of last year the company was working on two falling film evaporators. The project provided several employees with yet another opportunity to develop their skills. Processing techniques such as rolling and nickel welding were used in its implementation.

In each of the two evaporators 248 tubes were inserted and then rolled in using a motor-driven spindle. During these operations, many an employee developed into an undisputed rolling expert. With nickel welding, on the other hand, attention had to be paid to things like correct temperatures, effective exhaust air extraction and a good deal more besides.

Thanks to a diverse range of projects with their ever-changing challenges, work at Kremsmüller is never monotonous and offers many opportunities for professional development.

All in all an exciting project, which was carried out to the customer’s complete satisfaction.