Tanks are indispensable in cellulose processing. Cellulose fibres are, for example, an important raw material for the clothing industry.

Extremely composed…

… that’s what the tank construction team of Kremsmueller was, when it was confronted by a mega-project


An acid pressurised tank with a volume of 790m3 was to be supplied and installed within three months. A leading provider of cellulose processing, who approached Kremsmueller in this matter, needed the tank for temporary storage of magnesium bisulphite acid.

And in these very three months, it was not just the engineering team of the pressurised tank construction division of Kremsmueller that worked at full tilt. Just as indispensable were the collective efforts of the men in the production facility in Steinhaus.

The installation of the acid pressurised tank was made more difficult by temperatures below zero degrees. Welding work with the duplex material is almost impossible with such low outside temperatures. Therefore, the material had to be specially pre-heated.

The magnesium bisulphate acid that is stored temporarily in the tank is used for obtaining cellulose from wood. When this cellulose is processed into fibres, it can be used as an end product in multifarious ways. Thus, cellulose fibres are used not only for manufacturing paper and cardboard, but are also an important raw material for the clothing industry.

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