Ceremonial hand-over
Gregor Kremsmueller (centre) brought the TechnikBox to the Steinhaus elementary school

Experience technology!

Kremsmueller supports a programme for more technology in elementary schools.

It is never too early to get children fascinated by the world of technology. The "TechnikBox" or "Technology Box" was therefore developed in the course of the project "Innovative Upper Austria 2010". In more than 100 experiments, children get a fundamental knowledge of the following topics: air and sounds, water and chemistry, fire and heat, electricity and magnetism as well as mechanics and mathematics. Ingeniously devised learning materials complete the offering for making the lessons fascinating.
The project clearly aims at setting a course for engineering right from an early stage – a plan that gets 100 percent support from Kremsmueller. Thanks to the sponsorship of Kremsmueller, the elementary schools of Steinhaus and Marchtrenk are proud owners of the TechnikBox.
For more information on the project, please visit the official page of the project, Technikdetektive. Interested students can also access all the experiments online on this Internet platform.