Environmentally friendly vehicles
Chairman of OÖ-Ferngas, Hans Gruenberger, presents Gregor Kremsmueller with the eco-award

Environmentally friendly vehicles

The first car operating on natural gas joined the Kremsmueller vehicle fleet in 2006. This clearly underscores Kremsmueller’s commitment to protecting the environment

Natural gas burns with low emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and uncombusted hydrocarbons, and with practically no particulates. In contrast to diesel engines, no carcinogenic soot particles or foul-smelling exhaust gases are generated. Even in terms of economic efficiency, there are significant advantages: Lower fuel costs and tax rates clearly argue in favor of natural-gas cars.
Kremsmueller clearly demonstrates its interest in protecting the environment – a philosophy which always plays a central role at all of its locations and facilities.
This level of commitment is also being rewarded: fuel vouchers for the next 4 years were awarded by OÖ-Ferngas (Upper Austria utility company) for this level of environmental consciousness.

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