Compressor station Ruden
The Ruden gas compressor station along the Trans-Austria-Gas Pipeline. In the course of complete overhauling, the I&C division of Kremsmueller replaced all the plant parts from 1976 with the technology of today.

Energy update

Modern energy supply for the compressor station

The I&C experts from Kremsmueller were responsible for the replacement of the entire energy supply system of the Ruden gas compressor station. Since it was first set up on 1976, the existing system was in operation without interruption. Kremsmueller also carried out the technology upgrades without any system interruption.
What was required was to adapt the existing old system parts to the new supply systems. To safeguard against any failure, Kremsmueller worked out a comprehensive modification scenario together with the customer. As additional security, the compressor station was supplied energy from two independent sources.
Totally, Kremsmueller set up 16 low-voltage distributors of a total of 2,500 A, 10 electric field distributors and a PLC controller, also for the visualisation of the energy technology. New air conditioning and a modern firefighting system rounded off the scope of the work.
The Ruden gas compressor station is located on the TAG, the Trans-Austria-Gas pipeline. It goes from the Austro-Slovakian border, right across Austria towards Italy and transports 4,77 million m3 of natural gas per hour. The TAG is considered to be one of the main arteries of the European gas supply system.
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