Plant piping, industrial plant construction, pipeline construction, heat-transfer system
The new heat-transfer plant.

Energy for New Lactose Plants

5400 metres of different pipes were fitted for the complete piping of the new industrial plants

The industrial plant construction division executed the laying of the complete piping for the new production facilities for lactose manufacturing of a German dairy group. For a part of the systems, Kremsmueller also took care of the detail engineering. Equipment like pumps, heat exchangers and heat-transfer stations were installed for the new heating, refrigeration and compressed air supply in the new building complexes. The installation team laid about 5400 metres of pipes in the sizes DN15 to DN350 between the existing installation and the new plants. The pipes transport, for example, acid, lye, cooling water and steam. For the latter, the pipes sometimes have to withstand pressures up to 40 bar. The plant piping was completed at the end of February.

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