Labour safety
Special mechanical fall arresters ensure safe working at heights up to 15 metres.

Energy Backup

For the customer, it was all about independence from the gas supplier. Kremsmueller’s tank construction played an active part.

Kremsmueller supplied the double shell tank for a new emergency fuel assembly. With an outer diameter of 21.5 m, the storage tank encompasses enough volume to secure the power supply. A full 3,500 m³ of oil are now waiting to be used. In just three months of construction time, the 15 m high tank was erected and connected.
The customer, from the steel industry, gets electrical energy for the production mainly from an in-house power plant, which is gas-fired. Now, oil can also be used temporarily. Quite recently, the energy conflict in East Europe demonstrated  how important a backup solution for the energy supply is.
Planning, engineering, construction, prefabrication and assembly: a turnkey plant construction project from the tank construction division of Kremsmueller. The flexible and unbureaucratic order processing while following the highest safety standards really impressed the customer.
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Double shell storage tank
As soon as the inner shell is complete, the dome roof is extended over the sump.
Tank construction
The outer shell is lifted with a crane to be able to weld the next tank plate.