Enclosure for birds of prey who are in need

“Wild Animals in Need”, a Graz-based association, not only helps small wild animals but also differently abled persons

The Graz-based association “Wild Animals in Need” gives injured or orphaned local wild animals temporary shelter. The little animals are taken care of till they can be safely released again in the wild. “Wild Animals in Need” was founded in 2005. The number of wild animals given care and shelter in the year 2015 was already as high as 4376.

Since the campus of the association in Leechwald was bursting at the seams and had to be renovated urgently, Kremsmueller financed a new enclosure for birds of prey, appropriate for the species. Apart from its commitment towards the animals, the association distinguishes itself through another social activity. Differently abled persons are given the facility to try out what they might like to do in their professional lives. Specially abled young persons are enabled to once again have an active professional life, accept responsibility and to have a regular daily routine. The association now has an important role to play for organisations like ‘pro mente’, ‘AMS’, ‘Neustart’ or ‘alpha nova’.

Of course, ideas for projects for 2017 for Kremsmueller 4 Life can also be submitted now. The final date for applications is 31 January. All other information and the application form can be found here.